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In the Know

Katie Hoffman


1. Farmers Markets are the best place to get fresh local and organic delights. Everything from fruits and veggies to artisanal cheeses and locally renowned delicacies like fresh salsas and mole sauce, even all-natural beauty products. Nothing beats a day at the farmers market and each one is wonderfully unique. Sayulita hosts on Fridays from 10-1:30, The PV Market (located at the Paradise Community Center) is on Saturday from 10-2 and the market in La Cruz is Sunday from 10-2.

2. Jungle hikes are a great way to appreciate this little slice of paradise we live in. Check out Mexitreks for the best guided tours of nearby waterfalls, amazing views and landscape draped in lush jungle foliage and flowers.

3. Lunch or Dinner at KM5. This little surf shack / restaurant has stunning views and the food is locally grown, fresh and delicious!  The staff is wonderful and makes sure you are well taken care of. They offer a variety of nutrition packed salads, locally caught fish and some of the best pizza in Nayarit.

4. Yoga at Paraiso Yoga in Sayulita. Enjoy the tranquility of the beautiful studio at Paraiso, set in the treetops overlooking the tropical garden. They provide an array of classes to suit everyone and are all open to beginners.

5. Paddleboarding at Anclote. This is a paddleboarders dream, endless views and calm waters make this a favorite destination for all levels.

6. Coco Frio en la Playa. There’s nothing better than sitting on a beautiful beach and sipping cold coconut water from a freshly harvested coconut. We are so lucky to live in a place where we are surrounded by “superfoods”, and the coconut is one of them. The water from the coconut is ultra-hydrating and full of essential nutrients for optimal health.

7. Sunset Dinner at Si Senor in Punta de Mita. Traditional Mexican meals made with the freshest local ingredients. The food is made with care and lots of love, and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. Enjoy your meal overlooking the bay with your toes in the sand.

Katie Hoffman, health coach and founder of NutrifyFor Life, an online holistic wellness resource for those dealing with chronic autoimmune disease. Katie began her journey into wellness after two decades of battling several painful and debilitating autoimmune diseases. She began looking for a natural solution, and through diet and alternative therapies, found amazing and lasting results. She is now living an active life, free from debilitating pain and fatigue. When she’s not working to help people achieve the same, Katie enjoys spending time practicing yoga, hiking or paddle-boarding. Her mission, and purpose in life, is to inspire others with chronic illness to nourish their way back to a full and vibrant life. To learn more go to

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  1. Kathy, your mission and purpose is inspiring, and a credit to you. Until you have experienced a medical problem, you do not understand that the human body is not perfect … in his image and likeness .

    As a youth I thought that I was perfect and invincible. That was until I begin having migraine headaches at the engineering office around 2:00 pm in the afternoon. The office Chief Draftsman would come by my drafting table and suggest that I go home, for I was doubled over with stomach pains.

    My doctor told me that I was working two hard with two jobs, and going to engineering school, and with wife and children, and that I had to quit my job , or else I would die!

    I asked the doctor to review my diet for that must be my problem. I was answered by the doctor saying that he did not have a patient with a better diet. Today I know that doctors are not taught nutrition , so I , like you, studied all about natural foods and herbal medicines, etc.

    Yes, I cured myself, and went on to work even harder on the same career that lasted 55 years until I became a senior electrical engineer handling multi million dollar projects. My example inspired many of my friends who told me that I made a difference in their lives.

    One young woman, who went to high school with my daughter, and often came into our home after school, had asked if I was her brother, and was interested. She told me this some 20 years later, and I asked how did I make a difference in her life?

    She said when she saw how young I looked, and saw the large built in cabinet where I stored my food supplements, vitamin and mineral tablets, her health made a big improved when she began following my example. Actually it is not so much what you do that is so important, It is what you don’t do that really counts.

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