Slicing Through a Good Pizza in Puerto Vallarta: The Definitive List

If you’ve spent any time in Puerto Vallarta you probably at some point found yourself wondering where the good pizza is.. Fortunately, there are lots of great pizzerias to choose from – many of whom deliver.

In the humble opinion of this work-from-home food writer, a good pizza is not only judged on how it tastes and looks – but given that delivery is an integral part of the pizza experience, delivery service was also taken into consideration (when available) of the overall ratings to compile the below list.


The Reggae Pizza de Pastor featuring the flavours of a Taco de PastorThe deep dish

The champions of Puerto Vallarta pizza delivery are Reggae Pizza (phone or Whatsapp 322 192 3279), with delivery area from Olas Altas to Aurora – including most hotels in Vallarta. Their pizzas include unlimited toppings, and the crusts – which have herbs baked inside – are a medium-thickness so there is enough structural integrity to hold all the ingredients, sauce and cheese.

One size fits all: the Los Muertos Brewery serves their pizza as an Extra-Large.

Local microbrewery Los Muertos Brewing are as much known for their pizzas as they are for their micro-brews. With two locations in Puerto Vallarta (Francisco Villa 322 225 0416, Old Town 322 222 0308), their large, thin-crust pizzas have just the right amount of grease after leaving the wood-fired oven. The only downside to their delivery service is the added surcharge applied to all delivery orders – a first-ever for this seasoned dining-by-delivery patron.

Eat-in/To Go

Mama Mia!! The Bella Napoli pizza Cumm Si Bell.

Bella Napoli (Calle Morelos 128, Centro) is an authentic Italian pizzeria, with the owner/chef originating from Italy. Molto bene!! Their pizzas include classic Italian combos such as the 4 Formaggi (white pizza with 4 cheeses) and the Cumm Si Bell (a pizza margherita). Be sure to ask your server what the Bella Napoli is – it’s the chef’s daily ‘surprise’ pizza.

Tucked away in Colonia Buenos Aires is Cafe Mordidas (Manantial 375A), also known to serve up a mean pizza. A personal favourite is their Puttanesca, a classic Italian recipe with capers, olives, anchovies. Mordidas, on the River Cuale about 10 minutes east of Old Town, is quickly becoming an expat favourite as more people venture out to give it a try.

And finally, a pizza in Vallarta article wouldn’t be complete without a mention to Costco (not a typo). Their fresh-baked or ready-to-bake pizzas are bigly on flavour and toppings without taking a bite out of your wallet.. Although after this self-proclaimed intrepid gourmand discovering their Ravioli Lasagne, the pizzas are staying on the shelf.

Slicing through the good and the bad in Vallarta is all part of the job of the Vallarta Tribune food writer.. And topping the pizza scene are the aforementioned reputable restaurants that either specialize or feature pizzas on their menus that will make any lover of pizzas flip out.

Matt McCue
Food Writer at Vallarta Tribune
Matt McCue is an avid eater, having consumed more than 40,000 meals in his lifetime. He'll eat anything that's put in front of him, but prefers not to talk about that afternoon as a vegan.